Don't make smokes your story

Page last updated: 01 May 2016

Well done! You’ve taken an important step on the road to becoming smoke-free. Here you will be able to learn the many benefits of quitting and ways to help you do this. Let’s face it, quitting can be hard and most smokers try a number of times before they finally quit for good. So don’t beat yourself up. Take one step at a time. The longer you stay quit, the easier it gets.

True story

Did you know

smokes can lead to diabetes

Quit before you get pregnant to plan for a

Healthy baby

And healthy pregnancy

The longer you stay

Smoke free,

The easier it gets!

81% of 15-17 year old

Aboriginal & torres strait

Islander people do not smoke

2/3 of aboriginal & torres strait

Islander daily smokers have

Tried to quit smoking

By quitting smoking,

A daily smoker could save

$7000 a year