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My QuitBuddy is available free for download :

Are you using the My QuitBuddy app to quit smoking? We want to hear about your experience with the app in this short 2 minute survey - Your responses will be anonymous and will help to improve with the app

My QuitBuddy is an app personalised to help you quit smoking, on your terms.

Using My QuitBuddy you can choose when to quit. You can choose if you're ready to quit right now, or intend to quit smoking soon.

You can set your own goals, the reasons you're quitting, include photos and recordings of loved ones.

The community forum is one of the most popular features of the app, and allows quitters to share success stories, distraction tips and celebrate milestones.

The latest version of the app has an added 'check in' feature. Every evening, for the first three weeks, My QuitBuddy 'checks in' to make sure you're sticking to your quitting goals.

Every day that you stay smoke free a new health benefit is revealed.

My QuitBuddy also allows you to program danger times for when you know a craving might strike.At danger times, My QuitBuddy provides a reminder of why you chose to quit, offers games to distract you or can connect you to the Quitline to make sure you stay quit.

If you would like more strategies to help you quit, please visit our Quitting Methods page for practical tips on how to get smoke-free.

From the My QuitBuddy community board:

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