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My QuitBuddy App shown on the Mobile Phone Screen

My QuitBuddy is available free for download :

My QuitBuddy is a personalised app to help you on your journey to become smoke-free. It provides a countdown to your quit attempt and stats to track your quitting progress, such as days smoke-free, cigarettes avoided and dollars saved.

You can record your personal goals and motivation using pictures, words and audio messages. There is a community board where you can gain motivation and support from thousands of other people quitting.

You can also program danger times for My QuitBuddy to send you a note eg. morning coffee time. When you are craving My QuitBuddy provides reminders of the health benefits of quitting, games to distract you, or you can call the Quitline 13 7848 or a nominated friend from the app.

From the My QuitBuddy community board:

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