Script: Break the Chain television commercial

Testimonial-style ad from an Aboriginal mother talking about her family's history with smoking disease. The various points she makes are punctuated, where appropriate, with cutaways to old photographs, sick relatives or other memorabilia.

Indigenous woman: I watched pop die... lung cancer from smoking. Mum had a heart attack... from her smoking.

We see a picture of her family and her voice grows softer with concern for their health.

VO: My sis and Uncle Barry have trouble breathing.

She looks sadly over to her sick neighbour's house.

VO: Rosy next door had a stroke... and doctor said it was from smokes. I was smoking for years too... but I quit.

We see her own children playing happily in contrast to the illnesses and worry she is experiencing.

VO: Cos I don't want our kids growing up thinking disease and dying like that is normal.

She looks directly to camera, strong and determined to change her smoking habits for the good of her community.

VO: If I can do it, I reckon we all can.

Super: Break the Chain
Super: and Australian Government authorisation title

VO: Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra