Script: "Cough" television advertisement

We open on a man going outside for his first cigarette with his morning coffee. Before he lights up he coughs.

SFX: Man coughing

Cut to man at barbeque with friends. Over sharing a joke, his laughter turns into coughing.

SFX: Man coughing

Climbing the stairs at work and begins coughing.

SFX: Man coughing

Man goes out for his after dinner cigarette and begins coughing again, however this time he is coughing up blood onto his handkerchief.

VO: At any time your smoker's cough...can become smoker-with-lung-cancer's-cough.

He looks back inside at his family.
Cut to shot of hand holding cigarette pack ‘every cigarette brings cancer closer'.

VO: Every cigarette brings cancer closer

Australian Government attribute and Australian Government authorisation title

VO: Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra