Shape Up

Shape Up Australia

Latest update: 15 February 2013

Shape Up Australia is an initiative of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency addressing our Nation’s growing overweight and obesity epidemic.

Shape Up Australia aims to reduce the prevalence and impact of lifestyle related chronic disease by coordinating national efforts to strengthen and better manage healthy lifestyle and obesity prevention activities across all levels of government and non-government sectors.

Shape Up Australia is also reducing duplication of expenditure and effort across government and non-government by sharing market research and resources, offering co-branding partnership opportunities to cross promote messages and services, and encouraging a nationally consistent and evidence based approach to overweight and obesity prevention messaging, to reduce community confusion in relation to healthy eating and lifestyle.

The initiative is now working with co-branding partners from state governments, public health non-government organisations, Medicare Locals and community based health promotion organisations - all utilising healthy lifestyle messages and resources developed through Shape Up Australia’s national formative research.

Shape Up Australia has recently contributed to the development of the Queensland Government’s new obesity prevention advertising campaign, re-development of the upcoming New South Wales Government’s Get Healthy telephone service campaign, and the development of the Australian Capital Territory’s obesity prevention social marketing campaign Ways To Well-being, all through the provision of Shape Up Australia formative research and messaging resources.

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